Agpro® Inc.

Agpro® was incorporated in 1962 in Santa Rosa, California. The company specialized in the furnishing of commercial animal raising facilities including dairies, beef feedlots, and swine operations. By 1970, the work had spread over most of the agricultural areas of the United States.

In 1971 the company moved their headquarters from California to Paris, Texas for a more centralized location. The company is now a Texas corporation with head offices and production facilities located in Paris, Texas.

In addition to the domestic work, the company now has many overseas projects operating and has furnished functional facilities in climates as diverse as the Arabian desert to the Alaskan tundra.

In recent years, the portion of work related to agricultural waste management has taken on more importance due to increasing federal and state regulations related to agricultural pollution control. The “Agpro® Waste Management System” encompasses the entire solution from cleaning the floors, to collection, processing and final utilization of the waste by-products. Several waste management concepts developed by the company have been adopted by industry and accepted by the regulatory agencies as an efficient way to clean, store, process and utilize large volumes of animal waste.



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