Artex Barn Solutions is the inventor and manufacturer of the original free stall “Comfort Zone”™. Since 1975 Artex, along with its business and university partners, have studied cow comfort in the pasture to determine cow natural environment and translated that into cow comfort in the barn environment.


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Abbotsford, BC
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What We Offer

Artex’s “Comfort Zone”™ products are designed to reduce animal stress by providing a barn environment that is as close to the pasture as possible.

The benefit to the dairy farmer? The more a cow lays down, the more milk is produced in the udders. More milk means more production, which translates into more dollars into your pocket.

With 40 years experience, Artex supplies cattle handling equipment in over 40 countries, selling mostly through industry leading dealerships. This allows us to provide excellent local service to each of our customers. Artex is fully committed to quality equipment and we believe strong relationships is the basis of any successful partnership.

  • COMFORT ZONE™ Free Stall System
  • Self Locks
  • Calf Zone & Raised Calf Zone
  • Gates
  • Aqua Dump
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Fencing

Bring the pasture inside

A selection of product photos from Artex Barn Solutions.

Stabling Products

Cow Cooling Products

Ventilation Products

Lighting Products

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