Dairy Tech, Inc.®

Dairy Tech, Inc. gives wet calves a head start on success by improving the nutrition they receive in the very first hour of life, through weaning, using verified protocols for efficient handling and effective pasteurization of colostrum and milk with equipment that has been scientifically proven to actually work.

Since 1999, Dairy Tech, Inc.® has been a significant partner in university research of commercial applications of on-farm pasteurization of milk and colostrum.

Because of that long, successful track record, we are fortunate to work with and help highly successful veterinarians that are concerned about the impact that healthy calves make on long-term herd productivity. In fact, our entire product line has been created and tetsted by veterinarians and university researchers to prove that it actually works.


Wyman Nielson
President of Dairy Tech, Inc.

Tel: 1-866-DTI-COWS (384-2697) Ext. 3
Email: wyman@dairytechinc.com