CASE STUDY: Bowman Dairy Farm / Hagerstown, Indiana

  • Men with Herd
  • Men with herd again
  • The herd
  • Man with cow


  • Raise standing heat breeding rate; reduce costs of synchronization drugs and semen
  • Improve early detection of health issues and reduce DAs
  • Improve decision making on medical treatment and cow retention
  • Reduce herd-wide calving interval


  • SCR’s Heatime® HR Tag with rumination, heat detection and cow identification functionality


  • Standing heat-based AI now 82% vs. 2%
  • Reproductive drug costs reduced by 75%
  • Heat detection time reduced from 2 hours per day to 10 minutes
  • Daily fresh cow protocol reduced from 1.5-2 hours to 30 minutes
  • DA rate is down from 9 to 0.5 per month
  • Cow losses down from 4-5 each month to 1 in 6 months

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Drug and semen savings cover three-fifths of the SCR system cost. DA–related savings – surgery, selling and replacement – cover the remainder. I’m confident it will pay for itself in 18 months.
Trent Bowman, Co-Owner, Bowman Dairy Farm