CASE STUDY: Cannon Dairy / Idaho, USA

  • Men with cows
  • Man with cows
  • The herd


  • Bring pregnancy rates back up following sharp decrease
  • Reduce costs of synchronization hormones
  • More effectively find, diagnose and treat sick cows


  • SCR Heatime® Pro System, 4,150 Heatime HR tags, heat detection, rumination monitoring and cow identification functionality
  • 4 SCR DataWand portable tag readers for efficient cow identification by breeders and health crew


  • 12% increase in number of pregnancies, resulting in a 5% increase in pregnancy rate, raising annual revenue by $130 per cow – achieved within 15 months of SCR Heatime installation
  • 80% decrease in hormone and tail paint costs and additional income generated from increased pregnancy rate enabled full return on investment in a year
  • Earlier identification of cows with mastitis and DAs enables earlier treatment leading to reduced negative impact on milk production

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Taking into account the higher number of pregnancies, fewer days open, the gains in increased production due to lower days in milk, and improved overall herd health, our payback time has already happened.
Chris Crandall, Office Manager, Cannon Dairy Farm