CASE STUDY: Fertile Ridge Dairy / Mount Horeb / WI USA

  • Fertile Ridge Sign
  • Joel Sutter - Fertile Ridge


  • Reduce time-consuming, labor-intensive visual observation of cows
  • Improve identification of cows in heat and raise breeding rates
  • Identify sick cows earlier
  • Reduce spending on hormones and medication
  • Monitor ration changes’ effects


  • SCR’s Heatime® HR Tag with rumination, heat detection and cow identification functionality


  • Dramatically reduced visual observation requirements – saves 1.5-2 man-hours per day
  • Synchronization rate now 10% vs. 40% – monthly drug cost savings fully cover the SCR system cost
  • Faster identification of sick or ailing animals – enables earlier mitigating action
  • Closer monitoring of the effects of nutrition changes – enables more timely adjustments
  • Increased peace of mind regarding cows’ health, wellbeing and estrus cycle status estrus cycle status

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If a cow is getting sick we can catch it about a day earlier than we used to, before seeing it in lower milk production. If we put her on medication, we’ll know much faster if she’s getting better or not.
Joel Sutter, Herd Manager, Fertile Ridge Dairy