Promat Inc.

Since its start in 1991, Promat’s primary focus has been to make cows comfortable. Before the importance of animal comfort was widely recognized, Promat had already set the standard in providing dairy farmers solutions that promote cow health and productivity. Today, Promat’s research and development team continues to create new and better solutions to increase cow wellness.

To date, dairy farmers in 46 countries around the world have installed over a million of Promat’s mattress systems.

Why? Because the benefits include:

  • an increase in cow wellness which results in increased milk production
  • improved support resulting in a reduction in cow injuries and sores
  • longer rest times
  • a system that reduces maintenance time

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Andy Jenkins
General Manager

594711 County Road 59 South, RR#4
Woodstock, Ontario
Canada N4S 7V8

Tel: 1-888-337-6265